Knowing the common causes of roof leaks and identifying them can’t be overstated. Not only can these leaks cause immense damage to your properties, but in turn, they also result in expensive repairs. All in all, they can affect not only your living environment but also your home’s structural integrity. Here, as a leading roofer in Ashtead, we want to share some common causes of roof leaks and how to offer you insights into rectifying these problems.

Four Common Causes of Roof Leaks and Ways to Repair them

Here, we are going to divulge some common causes of roof leaks and offer some effective insights into identifying potential issues before they skyrocket into major problems. Let’s dive deep into the most common roofing-related problems.

The age and the Roofing Materials

Ageing affects all materials. Roofing components are also known to succumb to ageing. Constant exposure to varying weather conditions, UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and moisture can cause all roofing materials to degrade significantly over time. You would be able to detect the approach of age if you scrutinise closely for the following factors, including curled or cracked tiles, granule loss, water stains, and visible growth of moss or algae.

Poor Workmanship and Installation

If your roof is installed improperly, it can bring a wide deal of adverse consequences that, in the future, significantly impair its longevity and effectiveness. These kinds of poor workmanship could be discerned in factors such as leaks and water infiltration due to ineffective sealing. It can result in poor energy efficiency, and moreover, it can also lead to premature material degradation. Poor workmanship can tend to nullify warranties, and hence, it can leave you responsible for costly repairs.

The Problem of Damaged or Missing Tiles

Damaged or missing tiles can once again compromise the integrity of your roof. You can pick up the subtle indications of damaged or missing tiles in the following: curled and cupped tiles, cracked or split tiles, tiles with granule loss, loose or missing tiles and lastly, tiles that have been lifted due to wind or incorrect installation.

Flashing Problems

There are some flashing problems which can result in water leaks. These problems could consist of cracking and deterioration, inadequate installation, rust and corrosion, or even expansion and contraction inflicted by temperature changes. You should systematically examine the seals and joints around the flashing to ensure they are intact and sealed tightly.

So, these are the four most common causes of roof leaks. KT10 Roofing can help you repair all kinds of roof leaks with finesse and efficiency.